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Dimensional Imaging (DI4D) is a world leading facial performance capture company established in 2003. 

Working globally with organisations across the entertainment and research sectors, we develop and deliver high resolution 3D facial image capture and 4D facial performance capture systems, software and services.



Providing high fidelity facial data for triple A video games, movie and TV projects, and research work within the facial surgery, psychology, and orthodontics sectors, customers come back time and again for high quality facial performance capture.

"By using DI4D’s facial performance capture solution combined with Remedy’s Northlight storytelling technology on Quantum Break we can ensure that every nuance of the actors’ performances are captured on screen."

Sam Lake, Creative Director, Remedy Entertainment

“The high fidelity of data produced from Dimensional Imaging's system was far superior to other solutions we looked at…our research wouldn’t be possible without the help of their 4D system.”

Dr Rachael E. Jack, Institute of Neuroscience & Psychology, University of Glasgow

“The high fidelity of data delivered from their 4D system and quality of facial performance capture, ensured an extremely successful end result.”

Michael Illingworth, Owner, Vine FX

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