Dimensional Imaging working with 209 Group


DI are working with the 209 group, a high-tech sales & strategy company that provides superior technical sales representation and management support, to promote their Head Mounted Facial Performance Capture Camera System (DI4D HMC.)

Colin Urquhart, CEO, Dimensional Imaging, said he is confident that the 209 group will make a huge contribution to accelerating DI’s continued growth and is delighted to have their CEO, Tom Armbruster, working as a Consultant for them.

“Tom brings a wealth of experience and industry knowledge to the company, having been involved in the motion capture business for over thirteen years. He has a proven track record of helping some of the biggest players in the business enhance their position in the market.”

Urquhart said it’s a very exciting time for DI because they’re launching their new DI4D HMC at SIGGRAPH in Vancouver on August 12-14. The DI4D HMC is a revolutionary head mounted camera system designed specifically to facilitate high definition facial performance capture simultaneously with traditional body motion capture. The camera enables you to capture high quality facial performances with similar fidelity to their current DI4D PRO “sit-down” 4D capture system but with the freedom of movement and convenience of untethered capture.

“Tom will play a vital role not only in introducing us to key influencers across the entertainment industry, but also in helping to promote our new DI4D HMC to the motion capture industry,” said Urquhart.


“The high fidelity of data delivered from their 4D system and quality of facial performance capture, ensured an extremely successful end result.”

Michael Illingworth, Owner, Vine FX

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