DI4D Helps Edinburgh Napier University with Forensic Facial Identification Research

DI4D PRO System used by Edinburgh Napier University

Edinburgh Napier University chooses DI4D PRO System

Edinburgh Napier University has purchased a DI4D PRO Facial Capture System to support its research into forensic facial identification.

Dr Alex H. McIntyre, Lecturer in Forensic Psychology at Edinburgh Napier University School of Life, Sport and Social Sciences said-

“We are developing a longitudinal 3D/4D face image database for our research. Our dataset will include multiple images of each person with natural and posed facial expressions in both static and dynamic formats. To develop this we required a facial imaging system that allows us to capture high fidelity data of people’s faces - we chose the DI4D PRO System for this.

“Our research is focused around forensic facial identification and affective communication.  We are interested in how people learn, remember and recognise faces and our research demands high fidelity data to develop identification procedures, and to progress psychometric development of human and biometric face recognition applications – DI4D PRO is the best solution to help us create our face image database and allow us to progress our research.”

Dr Colin Urquhart, CEO of Dimensional Imaging (DI4D) said-

“We are delighted Dr McIntyre has chosen our DI4D PRO System for capturing the high quality of data she requires for this interesting area of theoretical research - featural versus holistic face processing, own race bias in face perception, and the influence of facial expression and affect on face recognition judgement.”

Seeing DI4D technology being effectively used to support Dr McIntyre’s research just reinforces how beneficial our 3D and 4D Systems can be across the research sector.”

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Sample Data

We have created some DI4D PRO System sample data which is available for you to download - this is the same data that was used to create this movie.

The data is comprised of a mesh file, an animation file and texture maps in various formats.

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