DI4D HMC On-Location Service Launch

DI4D HMC On-Location Service Launch

High Quality Facial Performance Capture - DI4D HMC On-Location Service

Dimensional Imaging launched a facial performance capture service with their new head mounted camera system at this year’s SIGGRAPH - ‘DI4D HMC On Location Service’.

Coordinated with a new DI4D brand and website, Colin Urquhart, CEO, said-

“The DI4D HMC Service provides a full on-location facial performance capture service, in which we provide and operate one or more DI4D HMC Systems at the client’s selected location. The HMCs can be synchronised with “house” time code allowing them to shoot in synchronization with clients’ optical motion capture systems – perfectly suited for high quality full performance capture.”

The DI4D HMC is the world’s first commercial head mounted camera system to use passive stereo photogrammetry. Designed specifically to facilitate high definition facial performance capture simultaneously with traditional body motion capture, Colin added-

“We realised developers and studios required tools and services that enabled them to capture extremely high fidelity facial performance data, but which are also cost effective and time-efficient to deploy and use. We developed the DI4D HMC and our on-location service specifically to meet this need.”

Delivering similar fidelity of data to the Company’s DI4D PRO System, but using a mobile capture system that moves with the performer, the DI4D HMC is able to combine the high fidelity of DI4D facial performance capture with the freedom of movement and convenience of untethered capture. The result is the capture of incredibly realistic, extremely dense, facial animation, combined with the efficiency, cost effectiveness and acting benefits of full performance capture. Colin adds-

“Our new DI4D HMC On-Location Service marks an important step in the evolution of Dimensional Imaging and we are very much looking forward to promoting it to a global audience at SIGGRAPH.”

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“The high fidelity of data delivered from their 4D system and quality of facial performance capture, ensured an extremely successful end result.”

Michael Illingworth, Owner, Vine FX

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