DI4D SNAP 6200 Launched - A New Ultra High Fidelity 3D Facial Image Capture System

DI4D SNAP 6200 Launched

New Ultra High Fidelity 3D Facial Image Capture System Launched - DI4D SNAP 6200

Exclusively launched at this year’s 3DBODY.TECH Conference and Expo, DI4D SNAP 6200 is a pioneering high resolution 3D facial image capture system.

Created and developed by facial capture system innovators, Dimensional Imaging Ltd (DI4D), DI4D SNAP 6200 is a new passive stereo photogrammetry based solution for capturing extremely high fidelity full-colour 3D facial images.

Dr Colin Urquhart DI4D’s CEO, explains more-

“Due to the success of our previous 3D facial image capture system, and following feedback from our customers across the research sector, we decided the time was right to introduce a new, easier to use and even higher resolution, 3D facial capture system.

What sets DI4D SNAP 6200 apart from other 3D facial capture solutions in the market today is its instant capture capability and the high fidelity of data produced. Six 24 mega-pixel digital stills cameras produce super high resolution 3D surface images with true photographic quality texture. DI4D SNAP 6200 requires no pattern projection or laser scanning onto the scene, just high resolution images instantly captured quickly and easily.”

DI4D’s Software will not only enable you to capture and view the data, but also provide specialist analysis, re-meshing and texturing - the result provides a simple, fast and efficient workflow.

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Sample Data

We have created some DI4D SNAP 6200 sample data which is available for you to download.

The data is comprised of multiple polygonal meshes and accompanying texture maps. The data is available as a collection of OBJ files where each OBJ contains a single static 3D capture. OBJ files can be opened in most standard 3D modelling packages such as 3DS Max®, Maya® or Blender.

Experience high fidelity facial performance capture

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