DI3D Facial Capture System on Channel 4's 'Finding My Twin Stranger'

DI3D Facial Capture System on Channel 4

DI3D Facial Capture System Featured on Channel 4's 'Finding My Twin Stranger'

We are delighted to have featured in a Channel 4 documentary, Finding My Twin Stranger’ which aired on 7th December 2016. Our DI3D facial capture system was used by the University of Glasgow’s Face Facts Research team to measure facial similarity to find the world’s most identical strangers.

Colin Urquhart, Dimensional Imaging’s CEO said-

“In order to measure the doppelgänger's facial similarity, it was crucial that the Face Facts Research team captured very high fidelity facial data. We are delighted our DI3D system enabled them to do this and accurately measure and compare each face.“

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Sample Data

We have created some DI4D SNAP 6200 sample data which is available for you to download.

The data is comprised of multiple polygonal meshes and accompanying texture maps. The data is available as a collection of OBJ files where each OBJ contains a single static 3D capture. OBJ files can be opened in most standard 3D modelling packages such as 3DS Max®, Maya® or Blender.

Experience high fidelity facial performance capture

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