DI4D work with LJMU Face Lab and University of Dundee on Robert Burns Animation

Robert Burns Animation

DI4D helps bring Robert Burns back to life

DI4D worked with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) Face Lab and University of Dundee to create a ground-breaking new animated facial reconstruction of Robert Burns - ‘the Greatest Scot of all time’ - reciting one of his own poems in collaboration with the Scots poet, Rab Wilson - pictured opposite.

Robert Burns is one of the most famous characters in Scottish Cultural History, with his life and work celebrated each year on Burns Night (January 25).

The initial work began in 2010 when Scottish poet and Robert Burns fan Rab Wilson teamed up with Professor of Craniofacial Identification Caroline Wilkinson, to depict the living face of Robert Burns.

Face Lab at LJMU revisited this facial depiction in 2016 and recreated his face using the latest 3D digital technology from a partial cast of his skull, along with Burns documentation, portraits, silhouettes and written descriptions.

Rab Wilson was recorded reciting Burns’ poem ‘To a Mouse’ using DI4D’s Facial Motion Capture System at the 3D Visualisation Unit in the University of Dundee. In collaboration with DI4D, Rab’s facial animation was tracked and then transferred to the 3D digital model of Robert Burns. Rab’s voice was then added to the final performance. 

Director of LJMU Face Lab Professor Caroline Wilkinson said: “This real-life animation of Robert Burns has brought the poetry of this Scots Bard back to life for generations to come. It will help to promote Scottish culture and to visualise his charismatic and creative personality."


“The high fidelity of data delivered from their 4D system and quality of facial performance capture, ensured an extremely successful end result.”

Michael Illingworth, Owner, Vine FX

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