Dimensional Imaging introduces DI4Dtrack


Dimensional Imaging introduces DI4Dtrack

Dimensional Imaging will be introducing a new version of their tracking and editing software - DI4Dtrack, at this year’s GDC. Outlined below are some of the key features and benefits of the software visitors to GDC will see.

Enhanced Timeline Navigation

-Enable quicker navigation through the sequence.

Viewing Options

-Improved clarity when working with data, and easier to select points.

Whole Head Tracking               

-View how changes affect the whole head in edit and tracking.


-Easily undo any editing or tracking.

Soft Selection Tools                              

-Quicker editing, and ensures a smooth transition between selected points.

Faster Tracking                                    

-Improved efficiency through the use of pre-cache disparity maps and reference tracking, (using multi GPU’s.)

-Re-use of key frames in multiple projects.

Support for Sub-Sequences                   

-Facilitates faster and more efficient tracking, enabling the user to work on bigger data sets.

Simple Asset Management                    

-Allowing more effective collaboration between multiple users.

Multi-Exports Tool                                

-User friendly - multiple file formats and settings can be exported in one step.

Colin Urquhart, CEO, said:

“We are excited to be showing some of the key features and benefits of DI4Dtrack at GDC 2015 and promoting it to a global audience.

After listening to customer feedback and incorporating this into the software, we think this new version will deliver an improved user experience for faster facial tracking and quicker editing. Once fully launched, our current customers will be able to take advantage of all the benefits the upgraded software will give them, and it will also give our prospective customers an opportunity to see how effective DI4D tracking and editing tools are.

Visitors to our booth at GDC will get a taster of what to expect before its full launch later this year”.

Visit Booth 115 at GDC 2015 to see a demo of DI4Dtrack.

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