Pioneering Performance Capture Companies Host Open House Event in LA

Open House Event in Del Rey, LA

Animatrik Film Design Inc., DI4D and Technoprops to host Open House event in LA in January 2016

Leading motion- and facial-capture companies Animatrik Film Design Inc., Dimensional Imaging (DI4D), and Technoprops, will be hosting Open House events in Del Rey, the heart of the mocap district in LA, from Tues 19th January - Fri 22nd January 2016.

The events will provide an opportunity for all three companies to showcase recent work to each other’s clients and colleagues from the vfx, movie, video games and motion capture communities and to discuss how they can now provide a highly integrated state-of-the-art solution for facial performance capture and animation.

Technoprops will also be showing off their latest two camera helmet system, which has been designed specifically to be compatible with the DI4D post processing solution for high fidelity facial performance capture.

To register your interest in attending, or to schedule a one-to one meeting throughout that week, please email

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