Praise For Quantum Break Facial Animation

High quality facial animation in Quantum Break

Praise For Quantum Break Facial Animation

The news stories below are just a selection of articles written about the highly anticipated Quantum Break, (released 5th April 2016.) In particular, they mention the high quality facial animation and visuals within the game. We are super excited this ground breaking game utilises several hours of DI4D facial performance capture for in-game animation!

Financial Post

“This level of immersive, true-to-life performance capture is rare in games.”

Digital Spy 

“The facial animation is fantastic, putting even games like Until Dawn and The Last of Us to shame. Every eye-roll, furrowed brow and facial tic is replicated in so much detail that it often takes your breath away."


“The visual fidelity of Quantum Break has given it an impressive level of realism, as the digital avatars of actors are surprisingly close to the real thing.”


“We can really portray the actors that we’ve hired – they are all awesome actors – And we can bring all of the nuance of their acting into the actual game. Their digital replicas are insanely good. They’ve got the movement of the eyes, the wrinkles. Everything is very, very believable."


“the mo-cap facial animations also portray a real sense of personality and emotion in addition to looking good.”

GameRant’s the visuals of Quantum Break that really roped me in right from the get-go – specifically, the facial capture. Every emotion, eye roll, and dimple has been brought over into this game’s world with such precision that I could do little but stand there with my controller in-hand and my jaw flapping wildly in the breeze."

Nova Gaming

"And they [the actors] are sensationally recreated, voice acted and motion captured. Truly, there were times where I thought the game switched to the TV show, but it was still in the game. Mental."

New York Daily News

[Shawn Ashmore on carving role in Quantum Break] "With tech emerging now where you can capture the detail in the face, the winks and half-squints, you can tell better stories.”

Financial Post - Post Arcade

"Credit for this goes to Remedy’s proprietary and pioneering performance capture techniques, which recreate the likenesses and facial expressions of actors with terrific authenticity, especially when viewed up close."

Digital Spy - Quantum Break review: Is this the future of gaming?

“The facial capture is out of this world, accurately recreating each one of the game's star-studded cast with an almost eerie authenticity.”


“The art style of the game combined with the particle effects, the lightning, the (facial) animations and the intense amount of details, all make Quantum Break one of the most visually impressive games available to date.”

Evening Standard

“It feels truly immersive and lifelike, leaping over the uncanny valley – if you turn the camera you’ll even see characters' lips as you wander around, moving perfectly in sync with the script.” 


“… there are a lot of cinematics integrated into the gameplay when you really need a lot of quality in facial animation and narrated scenes. At those points, the animations of the actors really looks so good you’ll wonder if you are looking at a real person or not….the human character animations are outstanding.”


…”these digital actors feel delightfully realistic and manage to compare favorably with the full-motion video sequences separating the different acts of the game…the overall effect is tremendous.”


“it’s a huge relief to report that Quantum Break leaves uncanny valley in the dust. Remedy’s knack for a glossy TV aesthetic, coupled with amazing motion capture of professional performances, is instantly immersive.”

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“The high fidelity of data delivered from their 4D system and quality of facial performance capture, ensured an extremely successful end result.”

Michael Illingworth, Owner, Vine FX

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