University of Leeds School of Dentistry chooses DI4D PRO System

University of Leeds School of Dentistry chooses DI4D PRO System

Our Oldest Customer is also our Newest

One of DI4D’s oldest customers, Professor Balvinder Khambay, has now also become one of our newest since his appointment as Clinical Chair Professor of Orthodontics at University of Leeds School of Dentistry and subsequent purchase of a new DI4D PRO System.

Professor Khambay said-

“I’ve worked with Dimensional Imaging since 2002 and was one of their first customers, purchasing a DI3D System to capture and analyse 3D images of patient’s soft-tissue surface across the oro-facial region using stereo photogrammetry.”

Being extremely pleased with the results from this System, I was confident the DI4D PRO System could deliver exactly what I was looking for – very high fidelity and high quality 3D video (“4D”) data capture and analysis for assessing and evaluating facial movements.”

He adds-

DI4D provided a system which met my requirements.  The DI4D PRO System will be a valuable asset to our Department, helping us broaden our research interests."


Sample Data

We have created some DI4D PRO System sample data which is available for you to download - this is the same data that was used to create this movie.

The data is comprised of a mesh file, an animation file and texture maps in various formats.

Experience high fidelity facial performance capture

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