DI4D Tracking Software

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DI4D Tracking Software

DI4D Tracking Software allows a discrete set of landmarks or a fixed topology mesh to be tracked through a sequence of data previously processed using the DI4D Processing Software.

A discrete set of landmarks or a fixed topology mesh can be applied to one reference frame in the sequence, usually with a neutral facial expression, and then tracked through the sequence using the pre-computed optical flow maps. Tools are provided to allow drift in the optical flow tracking process to be corrected. A tracked set of discrete landmarks can be output in standard motion capture C3D format, while a tracked mesh can be output as a vertex cache compatible with third party software tools such as 3DS Max, Maya and Lightwave.

The initial discrete set of landmarks or fixed topology mesh can also be tracked from a reference frame in one sequence to a reference frame in another sequence, ensuring consistency of landmark or vertex placement across multiple sequences.

If a mesh with a specified UV layout is tracked through a sequence, then a per-frame texture map can be generated using that consistent UV layout. Similarly a per frame detail map can also be generated using the same consistent UV layout.

If a whole head mesh is used as the input, then a face patch portion of the mesh can be specified for tracking. The tracked face patch can then be blended back into the whole head mesh. Similarly the per frame texture maps and normal maps for the face patch can also be blended into an input whole head texture map and normal map respectively.

“The high fidelity of data delivered from their 4D system and quality of facial performance capture, ensured an extremely successful end result.”

Michael Illingworth, Owner, Vine FX

Experience high fidelity facial performance capture

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