Realistic facial animation for Ubisoft's 'Rainbow Six Siege White Masks'

Rainbow Six Siege White Masks

DI4D works with Blur Studio on Tom Clancy’s 'Rainbow Six Siege White Masks' trailer

Released in December 2015, Rainbow Six Siege is an exciting multiplayer first-person shooter game.

Our DI4D PRO System was used to capture the facial performance of Academy Award nominated actress Angela Bassett for Ubisoft’s ‘Rainbow Six Siege White Masks’ trailer.  Launched at E3 in June 2015, the ‘Rainbow Six Siege White Masks’ trailer features amazingly realistic facial animation.

“DI4D has been a game changer at Blur. The quality and the coverage of the DI4D PRO Capture System has quickly convinced us that DI4D will push our facial performance to the next level. We're now also using the DI4D HMC setup. There is so much potential in that technology. We're really excited!”

Jeremie Passerin, Rigging Supervisor, Blur Studio



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“The high fidelity of data delivered from their 4D system and quality of facial performance capture, ensured an extremely successful end result.”

Michael Illingworth, Owner, Vine FX

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