DI4D HMC service

DI4D HMC (Head-mounted camera) This provides an on-location service that can be captured alongside anybody body motion capture as well as offering responsive post-processing. Each camera is capable of capturing at a resolution of 3mp at 60 FPS ensuring the highest quality possible


lightweight, easily adjustable head rig fitted with two small synchronized high resolution digital video cameras, LED lights, a compact video recording system and battery pack

On Location

We provide complete on-location shoot services using either our DI4D HMC or DI4D PRO systems including shoot supervision.


Freedom of movement

able to combine the high fidelity of DI4D facial performance capture with the freedom of movement and convenience of untethered capture


House time code

The HMCs can be synchronized with “house” time code allowing them to shoot in synchronisation with clients’ optical motion capture systems.

Referance Footage

Reference video is provided to the client after the shoot, and the client then makes selects based on time code. Each select must have a minimum duration of 1 second and contain at least one neutral expression frame


Captured video sequence data is post processed using DI4D dense passive stereo photogrammetry software and then a fixed topology mesh can be tracked through the sequence using DI4D optical flow tracking software.

The Result

The result is the capture of incredibly realistic, extremely dense, facial animation, combined with the efficiency, cost effectiveness and acting benefits of full performance capture

HMC In action

Project Examples