DI4D provides performance driven facial animation services for the world’s most demanding video game and VFX projects.

Our proprietary 4D reconstruction pipeline faithfully reproduces every detail of an actor’s facial performance by reconstructing a 3D scan for every frame of video. This detailed surface information is the foundation used to generate animation that captures all the subtlety and nuance of the actor’s performance, resulting in the most realistic facial animation possible.  

We are renowned for offering our clients the best service possible. Our mix of highly experienced and talented engineers and motion editors allows us to adapt our core 4D reconstruction technology to the requirements of any performance driven facial animation project.  

We provide complete on-location shoot services using either our DI4D HMC or DI4D PRO systems including shoot supervision. This feeds directly into our highly advanced post-processing service to generate world-leading facial animation. We fit smoothly into the client’s facial animation pipeline by delivering either direct point-cache animation applied to the Client’s mesh or animation solved to the client’s rig shapes or controls. We have worked with many different facial rigs from across the industry and can provide the most realistic animation that the rig can support. 

“By using DI4D’s facial performance capture solution combined with Remedy’s Northlight storytelling technology, we can ensure that every nuance of the actors’ performances are captured on screen.”
– Sam Lake, Creative Director, Remedy Entertainment 


“DI4D has been a game changer at Blur. The quality and the coverage of the DI4D PRO Capture System has quickly convinced us that DI4D will push our facial performance to the next level. We’re now also using the DI4D HMC setup. There is so much potential in that technology. We’re really excited!”       – Jeremie Passerin, Rigging Supervisor, Blur Studio